10 Popular Mobile Apps that are Built using Xamarin

In 2023, web, mobile, and desktop-based application developers are required to learn and use a framework in making software. Another benefit of using a framework is to build applications with structured and https://wizardsdev.com/ consistent code preparation. Insightly, with over 200,000 mobile app downloads is enabling companies to do better business and keep the sales team updated with every information needed to close deals.

In April 2018, a lot of Xamarin development tools previously known as separate features became part of the Visual Studio App Center. Included is the platform itself , testing , distribution and analytics (formerly Xamarin.Insights) platforms, and many more. Since the toolkit remains free, there’s no need to invest in additional tools or integrate third-party apps to build, test, and deploy your Xamarin apps. Making the most of Xamarin’s cross-platform app development technology, you will be poised to expand your customer base with the inclusion of various mobile platforms. After the company was acquired by Microsoft in February 2016, Xamarin licensing policies underwent radical changes. Xamarin SDK, including runtime, libraries, and command line tools, has become open source and available for all under the MIT license as a part of Visual Studio.

Which apps use Xamarin

Programmers can develop software for Web, mobile, server, and desktop with all versions. Learn more about Visual Studio in our article about the tools used for .NET development. Code re-usability, rapid time-to-market for multiple platforms, native UI, API access, and performance. With so many benefits in line, cross platform app development is certainly a profitable solution for businesses. Ionic is a mobile application framework using HTML5 to develop mobile apps.

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With Xamarin, you have to use the elements provided by the platform and some .NET open source resources, facing both developers and consumers. While the choice is not quite as rich as it is for Android and iOS mobile app development, you can use NuGet Packages that now contain everything that was in the retired Xamarin Components. Xamarin allows you to create flawless experiences using platform-specific UI elements. It’s also possible to build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, or Windows using Xamarin.Forms tool, which converts app UI components into the platform-specific interface elements at runtime.

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Shorter order lead times, later cut-off times, smaller orders and greater product diversity must all be considered. The need for maximum delivery reliability – with zero system faults – is also crucial. This app helps you track your company shipments and know their status anytime and anywhere. Being a pioneer to e-commerce and logistics it’s been a necessity to have a mobile app that works across cross-platforms. The Enterprise Version also has priority support, partner offers, and much more.

Θ Limited Access to Open Source Libraries

When comparing the pros and cons, the listed drawbacks are usually considered to be a collateral damage. Most business owners choose Xamarin mobile app development platform as it decreases the time to market and engineering cost, by sharing the code and using a single technology stack. Yet the purpose of the app and its target audience might be an even more important factor to consider. Technically speaking, Xamarin uses C# and native libraries wrapped in the .Net layer for cross-platform app development. Such applications are often compared to native for both iOS and Android mobile development platforms in terms of performance and user experience.

Which apps use Xamarin

Below we showcase some of the top mobile apps using Xamarin in different categories. With the launch of the copious smartphone brands, with over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, the app-based business was booming. The usage of apps and smartphones are still growing at a steady rate, who knows what the future holds for us.

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Which apps use Xamarin

The Community package is also good for teams that are new to Visual Studio. In comparison with VS 2017, it contains numerous improvements that accelerate application development, mobile course from real-time collaboration using Visual Studio Live Share to the new Visual Studio start window. Also, it supports per-monitor DPI and improved debug capabilities.

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The 2023 Booming Software Topics Besides the Recession-Proof AI

Flutter is a comprehensive framework that contains widgets, rendering engines, debugging, and integration APIs and resources to assist developers in creating and deploying engaging smartphone apps. Several famous companies, including Google and Abbey Road Studios, are known for using Flutter. Insightly Customer Relationship Management and project management is a leading cloud-based application built for businesses of all sizes. More than 1.5 million users in 200+ countries worldwide trust Insightly to help grow their business by managing customer interactions, leads, sales opportunities and projects. In the parcel industry, meeting service level demands is becoming increasingly tough.

The app records the work done on the field through photos and videos and also shows the alerts that are generated from other systems. Comparison of xamarin vs native to develop the app ,the best one will be xamarin . If your development team considers transitioning from Android Studio or Xcode to Visual Studio, the learning curve won’t be that steep. The feature-to-feature comparisons show that the IDEs are very much the same in terms of development flows with little nuances for each of the environments. Among other news, it was announced that Xamarin.Forms is going to merge with .NET and evolve into a new cross-platform framework called .NET Multi-platform App UI, or MAUI. MAUI is going to have all native UI and provide access to all native APIs.

  • Xamarin comes in one package with a complete development toolset, including its own IDE.
  • That said, there are a number of libraries like OpenGL ES and frameworks like SkiaSharp and Urho that make development of apps with rich custom UI, complex animations, or games possible even in Xamarin.
  • After the whole process, you can rate and review the person who helped you with easy tax services.
  • Being considered native tech stacks, they are naturally most often used mobile development tools when it comes to iOS and Android app development.
  • Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile app development framework owned by Microsoft based on Mono, a free and open-source .NET framework, to create native apps using C#.

Like any other technology, Xamarin has its own benefits and drawbacks, which have been a subject of a heated discussion recently. To make an informed decision about Xamarin vs native development, let’s weigh all the pros and cons of app development with Xamarin. If you’re really pressed for time, we recommend watching this video providing a high-level overview of the Xamarin platform’s strengths and weaknesses in under 6 minutes.

⊕ One Technology Stack to Code for All Platforms

This article highlights the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Xamarin. For the mobile development xamarin is the key and used a lot now days. So for us the pros are very much effective and very well described here. Well described nicely the pros and cons of app development with Xamarin.

SuperGiant used Xamarin to overcome the challenges and the game also earned an editor’s choice award on the App Store. The game users have the option to play using two control systems, classic or touch-optimized. FreshDirect allows its customers to order from a massive catalog of 15K products , plus SKUs, get some amazing recipe ideas, manufacturer coupons, and more. If your mobile app has been developed with Microsoft Xamarin, then you need to know what is working in your interest.

Known as Survey Solutions, it combines a mobile app, a survey design tool, and server software that manages surveys and aggregates data. While the code related to business logic, database access, and network communication can be shared across all platforms, Xamarin allows you to create a platform-specific UI code layer. Thus, Xamarin cross-platform apps look 100% native on any device, providing a better user experience, as compared to generic hybrid apps. The framework has many functions in developing program languages systematically.

I`m very interesting in mobile development, and I`m writing a bunch of article about it. We appreciate you complementing our post with the details of your experience with Xamarin. As more cross-platform frameworks emerge and develop, it becomes harder for Xamarin to keep its position in the market. Today, a number of frameworks have already outpaced Xamarin in terms of popularity and performance.

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